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Workshops, Trainings & RJ Circles

Dissecting Whiteness offers:

  •  Workshops and trainings to adults or youth that focus on issues of race, privilege and the impact that white culture and white supremacy has on society, in educational spaces, in work environments, etc. 
  • Short term and long term circles to heal the generational harms of white supremacy
  • Restorative Justice circles to heal the interpersonal racial conflicts that come up in the community, both small or large

Our Purpose

We dissect whiteness in order to shift the harmful impacts of white supremacy.  We can’t heal what we can't see, what we can’t remember, what we are unwilling to admit. We must wake up from the united states of amnesia and remember, so we can change, so we can heal, so we can build relationships of trust and connection and mutual respect… so we can ALL be in our highest and best selves!!  

Kusum Crimmel, founder

Kusum is the founding contributor of Dissecting Whiteness and is a facilitator, writer and healer.  She comes with over 16 years of experience working with youth in the Bay Area, is a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) but identifies more as a healer and change maker, a revolutionary in mind and vision.  She incorporates restorative justice principles and practices, somatics healing exercises, and social & emotional exercises in her work.  Her vision is for transformative change within ourselves and in our communities that reflects back as true racial justice in our lives and society

Dissecting Whiteness Healing Circles

Bi-Monthly Healing Circles

to face into the trauma of white supremacy

to heal the scars and awaken our internal truths

to align with our values and deepen our integrity

to end the cycles of internalized superiority

and a legacy of amnesia

to heal

in connection

in community

2nd & 4th Sundays of every month


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